Port Forward to Raspberry Pi 4 from a Dynamic URL

Updated October 22, 2020


Type in a domain such as http://myPi.example.com from any internet connected device and reach your RPi.


Back in the days what people left their homes, it was useful to be able to reach your home network.  You might want to access files on your computer (pictures, music or movies), remotely access files from home while you are at work, access a home IP camera, take advantage of a personal VPN, or control your smart home applications.  Now at least you can  host a website at your home.  All of these require the same three components (1) a dynamic DNS; (2) a static IP on your server; and (3) port forwarding.




Set Up a Dynamic URL


  • Find your public IP Address
  • Get a Free Dynamic Subdomain
  • Tell Your Router to Keep the Dynamic Subdomain Up to Date
  • Use this image:  https://hub.docker.com/r/rothgar/rpi-inadyn/

Set Up a Static IP on Your Server


  • Find the IP address of your RPi

Forward the Desired Ports


  • Forward the Web Ports
  • Forward port for remote SSH Access


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